ISO17025 validation

Analysis of Gallic acid in Feed samples

One of our customers asked us to analyse on a regular basis the content of gallic acid in feed samples for them. The application is relatively uncommon, complex and the number of samples small which made it difficult to outsource. Large contract laboratories are usually more focussed on the "bigger" applications, such as vitamins or pesticides.

KAIN excepts the assignment and after developing and validating a reliable method analysis samples on a regular basis. Quality is secured by analysing: a 5-point calibration curve, sample duplicates, repetitive standards, blanks, blank chemicals (procedural blank), quality control samples and recovery samples. The attached test report shows the anonymized QC results from the latest set of samples. Read more »

Improving a laboratory in Egypt

From 26 April to 8 May 2015 the Sadat City Station (SDS) laboratory in Egypt was visited for a second mission. The objectives of this mission were formulated in the development plan from the first mission. It consisted out of 7 phases which ought to be rolled-out and completed during a project period of 12 months. This mission covered the first four phases.

In summary the objectives were: Read more »

Completion of a new soil analysis laboratory

In September 2013 KAIN started with the development of a completely new reference soil laboratory for a client. The project began with just a “plan”, there was nothing; no instruments, no personnel, no developed and validated methods and no laboratory. In January 2015, 16 months later, the project ended with the delivery of a fully operational laboratory were soil sample characteristics are routinely determined by more than 10 newly developed and fully validated methods. Read more »

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