Developing countries

Improving a laboratory in Egypt

From 26 April to 8 May 2015 the Sadat City Station (SDS) laboratory in Egypt was visited for a second mission. The objectives of this mission were formulated in the development plan from the first mission. It consisted out of 7 phases which ought to be rolled-out and completed during a project period of 12 months. This mission covered the first four phases.

In summary the objectives were: Read more »

CRKBO registration as qualified laboratory trainer in the field of analytical chemistry

Good news! As of November 3, 2014  KAIN's H. Kerkdijk obtained a registration as qualified analytical chemistry trainer in the Central Register for Short Vocational Education ( CRKBO ). Admittance into this register is exclusive to qualified experts that operate within their field by the quality code and regulations set by the Dutch government and the European Union. Registration only occurs after an expert passes an audit by an independent body designated by the Dutch Government. Read more »

Evaluation and assessment of two laboratories in Egypt

As part of a development plan a client wants to increase the analytical level of two laboratories in Egypt. One of the laboratories, located in the Nile Delta, is specialised in analysing water, soil, plant and nematode samples from local farmers. The laboratory is important for the area because they support the farmers in maintaining the crop yield of their farmland at a high level. The other smaller laboratory is located in Cairo and investigates the water quality from a sewage plant. 

The project consisted of the following elements: Read more »

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