Improving a laboratory in Egypt

From 26 April to 8 May 2015 the Sadat City Station (SDS) laboratory in Egypt was visited for a second mission. The objectives of this mission were formulated in the development plan from the first mission. It consisted out of 7 phases which ought to be rolled-out and completed during a project period of 12 months. This mission covered the first four phases.

In summary the objectives were:

  1. Start with setting up a quality control system.
  2. Improve the quality of the laboratory performance by fixing the known method deficiencies.
  3. Develop and optimise methods.
  4. Evaluate, test and install the purchased laboratory- and supporting equipment.
  5. Reach consensus on the laboratory lay-out and coordinate its implementation.

Most of these objectives could be reached during the visit. Obviously some activities, like setting up a quality control system, take more time and were only initiated at this stage. Visit our facebook page to get a better impression of the current status of this project.