Completion of a new soil analysis laboratory

In September 2013 KAIN started with the development of a completely new reference soil laboratory for a client. The project began with just a “plan”, there was nothing; no instruments, no personnel, no developed and validated methods and no laboratory. In January 2015, 16 months later, the project ended with the delivery of a fully operational laboratory were soil sample characteristics are routinely determined by more than 10 newly developed and fully validated methods.

KAIN, in close cooperation with the client, was responsible for and managed all parts of this challenging project. Besides that added value could be created by implementing a number of unique innovative solutions in the laboratory which improved the accuracy and precision. The resulting reference laboratory outperforms normal routine soil laboratories, which was one of the objectives from the client.

The obtained results will be used to develop soil characteristic prediction models for fieldresults of non-destructive detectors, such as MIR/NIR and XRF. The more accurate the results, the better the model.