Method development

Analysis of Gallic acid in Feed samples

One of our customers asked us to analyse on a regular basis the content of gallic acid in feed samples for them. The application is relatively uncommon, complex and the number of samples small which made it difficult to outsource. Large contract laboratories are usually more focussed on the "bigger" applications, such as vitamins or pesticides.

KAIN excepts the assignment and after developing and validating a reliable method analysis samples on a regular basis. Quality is secured by analysing: a 5-point calibration curve, sample duplicates, repetitive standards, blanks, blank chemicals (procedural blank), quality control samples and recovery samples. The attached test report shows the anonymized QC results from the latest set of samples. Read more »

Accredited work placement company for laboratory scientists

KAIN believes it is important to assist in educating younger people for the profession of laboratory scientist.
Therefore we are proud that we obtained the status of "Accredited work placement company" from the Dutch cooperative organization for professional education, the SBB.


From now on we are qualified to train:

  • All round Laboratory Scientists
  • Chemical - Physical laboratory Scientists

As a research organization we are able to offer an educational and challenging internship.
The first trainee will start in February 2016.

Development of an analytical method for bio-chemicals

A producer of biobased chemicals needs an analytical method to analyse medium chain fatty acids and small chain alcohols in biomass. KAIN is asked to develop a suitable analytical method. The results are needed to control and monitor the production process.
The research question is difficult as other contractors failed to develop a suitable method. Nevertheless KAIN excepts the challenge and starts in December 2015 with the development phase. To be continued......

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