KAIN Experts in analytical chemistry

KAIN is a private research organisation specialized in analytical chemistry. Her internal expertise is based on 20 years of experience in analytical chemistry at an academic level. The founder worked in the past in leading positions for reputable organizations as TNO, the Dutch Forensic Institute and Blgg AgroXpertus and now delivers the same quality under its own flag.

  From the well equipped modern analytical lab projects are conducted for clients all over the world. This can range from developing a simple analysis method to setting-up complete laboratories in developing countries or performing complex research projects. Characteristic for the company are the innovative flexible approach and the competitive quality/price ratio.

The activities can be roughly divided into four main categories:

  1. Innovations   - research in analytical chemistry and method development

  2. International - projects in developing countries

  3. External        - advice and consultancy assignments as analytical chemist or GLP expert

  4. Lab services  - What is the composition of my product or my competitors product

                           - How to improve the performance of my laboratory

The menu pages and news tag cloud give a good picture of our expertise and recent projects.
Additional info can be found on our facebook page.

However, the best route is still to inquire by mail or telephone if we can be of any assistance.