Laboratory consultant Analytical chemistry or GLP

H. Kerkdijk the founder of KAIN Innovations is as experienced analytical chemist (see CV) available for and involved in the following forms of consultancy:

How can I improve the performance of my laboratory
To answer this frequently asked question a fixed service has been developed. It evaluates the core activities and requirements of a laboratory and gives advice how to achieve improvements.

The approach contains five basic elements:

- Evaluation 

- Quality enforcement

- Cost savings

- Efficiency improvement

- Future strategy, substantive improvements

What it means in practice is best reflected in the attached anonymous project proposal and quotation which includes parts of previously executed projects. The service has proven its added value in practice more than once, so ask for a quote.

Analysing and solving the bottlenecks inside an organisation as crisis manager.
Case Studies:

  • Head of a toxicological laboratory; modernizing equipment and methods, efficiency improvements and throughput.
  • Technical director contract laboratory; method improvements, divested from unprofitable activities, reorganization
  •  Laboratory interim manager in Turkey; reorganization, hiring qualified staff

Setting up, managing and/or assessing GLP studies or writing protocols
Case Studies: 

  • Study director of several international registration and field studies for pesticides in various matrices
  • Study director of several international research projects with a higher complexity
  • Study director of several simple analytical method validations
  • Validation Assistant for pharmaceutical companies to write IOPQ protocols for refrigerators, freezers, incubators, etc.

Other projects

  • Conducting training programs for chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques and method development strategies.
  • Literature review to investigate the usefulness of IRMS for an organization
  • Evaluation of the existing ISO 17025 management system from a company and recommendations for improvement


In analytical chemistry external consultants are used when their is a need for expertise which is not available inside one's own company. Sometimes internal staff are so embedded in their own organisation they cannot see where the bottlenecks lie. The objective viewpoint of an external outsider may provide you with a fresh perspective on your own organisation. Feel free to inquire what we can do for your company.

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