Labservice for method development, validation and analytical research

Innovations often arise when problems are approached from a different angle. Many scientists find it difficult to come up with creative solutions because of their analytical background. For complex issues however, an innovative approach is sometimes essential.
We have plenty of experience in innovative and method development projects and have repeatedly proven our ability to bring such projects to a successful conclusion.

Our innovative research activities include:

- Method development (improved) and validation. See the attached analytical assay appendix for the best aproach to develop analysis methodsand the reason why, for routine and QC laboratories, it is sometimes better to outsource analysis method development.

- Solving analytical problems


- New techniques and instrumental applications, such as the recently finalized 'Volume Overload Clean-up' technique (see below)


System for the direct analysis of substances in fatty and high molecular weight matrices

KAIN Innovations, finalized the development of a patent pending on-line GPC-GC technique with which substances can be analyzed easily in oily or difficult matrices. This resulted in a system that can be used for the analysis of unpurified sample extracts. Routine use of this technique will result in significant savings in analysis cost price and environmental pollution for laboratories. KAIN uses the technique to develop complex applications and/or to analyse substances in complex matrices for their customers.



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