Chemical composition analysis and unknown compound identification

KAIN Innovations developed a a service which aims to answer one of the most difficult research questions for small and medium sized companies.

What is the composition of my product or the product from my competitor
For that purpose a systematic process is developed which identifies organic “known unknowns” by GC-MS and LC-TOF equipment in commercial products and formulations. Known unknowns are substances which are known in the chemical literature and commercially available, but unknown to the investigator. The service can be used to reveal the chemical composition of products or formulations, compare product batches or to identify the presence of unwanted chemical compounds in them.   

The process is shown in the following simplified flowchart:

In essence three ingredients are needed for the identification of "known unknowns"; skilled personel, an intelligent systematic process, but most of all the availability of highly specific mass spectrometer and/or time of flight detectors. Many smaller laboratories do not have these detectors which it makes it virtually impossible to identify "known unknowns". For those laboratories our service can provide the solution.