System for the direct analysis of substances in fatty and high molecular weight matrices

KAIN, finalized the development of a patent pending on-line GPC-GC technique with which substances can be analyzed easily in oily or difficult matrices. This resulted in a system that can be used for the analysis of unpurified sample extracts. Routine use of this technique will result in significant savings in analysis cost price and environmental pollution for laboratories. As of June 2013 dedicated systems including applications will become commercially available.

Feel free to contact us to make a cost-benefit analysis for your application and company.

To facilitate the market penetration of this new technique KAIN applied for ECO-Innovation funding with a “system to market” project proposal. As part of this project, a number of key applications will be developed by KAIN and implemented on operational systems which will be placed at a number of selected partner laboratories in Europe for routine usage. These laboratories will have the exclusive right to exploit the implemented key applications in their country. As additional advantage half of the incurred costs, including acquisition system and implementation/validation, will be covered by the funding. There is still room to participate in this project, laboratories can apply until July 2013.

As a first key application a method for the analysis of pesticides in oily and high molecular weight matrices, such as peanut butter and chocolate, has been developed. Future key applications are; dioxins in animal tissues and blood, additives in polymers and environmental contaminants in feed.