Setting-up a soil testing laboratory in the Netherlands

In September 2013 KAIN Innovations starts a project in which an empty business space will be transformed into a qualified operational laboratory. Within 1 year the laboratory should be operational and able to carry out a range of conventional soil testing methods routinely.

In practice, the project contains the following elements:

  • Create a project plan and time schedule
  • Select the appropriate techniques and methods of analysis
  • Establish a logistics plan and infrastructure construction
  • Recruit personnel and staff (see vacancy)
  • Select and purchase the necessary high level equipment, such as ICP-MS and TOC/TN analyzers
  • Select suppliers for chemicals and laboratory disposables
  • Optimize and validate the selected methods
  • Establish an ISO quality management system
  • Set up a LIMS system
  • Etc.

KAIN Innovations holds responsibility for all aspects of this project. 
Aim is to complete the project in September 2014.

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