Mobile labs for Saudi Arabia

On request of the industrial security division of a company in Saudi Arabia a project proposal was made for the development of a mobile lab which will be used to determine the identity of a selected list of 162 chemicals. The mobile lab(s) will be used to test the nature and composition of bulk chemicals throughout Saudi Arabia.

The list of chemicals merely consisted of relatively harmless chemicals, but also contained a number of dangerous substances, such as explosives or ingredients for explosives. The presumed aim of the client is to check that bulk chemicals are properly labelled and do not contain forbidden substances instead.

KAIN Innovations is specialized in complex analytical projects like this and has been internationally active for several years in setting-up labs in various countries. The company offers solutions instead of products meaning it will cover the complete project of setting-up the laboratory, purchasing instruments, coordinating activities, developing and validating methods, training personnel, arranging transportation and implementation on site in Saudi Arabia. For the current project two subcontractors, a coachbuilder and a company specialized in bomb disposals are involved and assisted in their respective fields.

The project proposal covered identification of the complete list of chemicals. In addition the offered solutions can be used to analyse a much larger number of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals without additional effort, which might be of added value.