Histamine in fish - analytical solution

For a laboratory in Africa an "analytical solution" to determine Histamine in Fish was developed. The project was carried out in KAIN's own R&D laboratory in the Netherlands.


The solution consisted out of the following phases:
- a literature study
- a project plan
- the purchase of the necessary refurbished analytical instruments and chemicals
- the composition of the required system configuration
- an in house method development/training traject
- an in house method pre-validation/training traject
- a standard operating procedure and validation protocol
- transfer of the working analytical system to the laboratory in africa
- on site implementation/validation of the method by the trained analysts.

During the hands-on training period the analysts from the African laboratory stayed in KAIN's
guesthouse located near the laboratory and assisted in the method development phases.
As expected this novel concept turned out to be much more efficient and less expensive
than the alternative of developing methods on site in Africa.
KAIN will further exploit this concept.