The founding of KAIN

On 30-10-2008 Henk Kerkdijk will found his own company under the name of KAIN or Kerkdijk Analytical Innovations. After 20 years of employment in various disciplines of analytical chemistry it is time for a new challenge.


The company will focus on: solving problems in analytical chemistry, developing complex analytical methods and managing research projects and studies. The company will be characterised by an innovative attitude and a pragmatic approach.

A second pillar is the export of analytical chemistry expertise to countries outside the Netherlands. The ‘IN’ in the company name could equally well stand for ‘International’.
There is a particular need for such expertise in less developed countries. KAIN is specialised in the execution of a wide range of international projects.

The enclosed CV will give you a good picture of the career path of the founder - the basic foundation on which KAIN is built.

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