Setting up laboratories in developing countries

With the growing levels of investment by European companies, international organisations and local entrepreneurs in developing countries, there is a growing need to set up laboratories equipped with high-end, analytical instruments.

A lack of local analytical expertise is often a weak point in this regard, since it hinders implementation of the new technology. A two-week course of training abroad on new instruments is simply not enough to bridge the educational gap. Another complicating factor when setting up a routine laboratory abroad is the lack of infrastructure and logistics.

KAIN Innovations believes in a thorough approach and a longer term commitment, and is ready to assist laboratories from scratch until they become fully operational. Thanks to our wealth of experience we are fully aware of the problems that may arise, and are ready to set up a support programme suited to the need and the financial budget.

Support is provided both on-site and, if needed, at our research centre in the Netherlands. At the latter location analists can be trained during a prolongued period of time, without facing the problems associated with poor logistics and infrastructre, while staying in the questhouse at the estate (so called PASTEL strategy). Considering that annually about 50% of our turnover is derived from projects in developing countries, this approach appears to be a successful one.

The most recent activities are:

Setting-up laboratories according to European

• Purchasing and implementing analytical instruments such as GC-MS and LC-MS/MS

• Developing and validating analytical methods

• Increase the level of local analysts by giving training

• Setting-up ISO 17025 quality procedures

• Controlling output performance until the lab is fully

• Troubleshooting