Dealer nitrogen generators

In November 2012, a dealership agreement with the French company F-DGS is signed. Both parties agree that in principle KAIN will distribute and maintain their line of nitrogen generators in the Netherlands. However, prior to formalizing the agreement a demo instrument was extensively tested KAIN's labo Weiterlesen »

Website on line


After 2 years operating in relative seclusion and anonymity, KAIN launched her own website on 10 November 2010. The aim of the website is to inform and establish new contacts.

The design is based on the KAIN company logo. The main colours used are therefore white, silver and blue, with a simple but functional lay-out. Weiterlesen »

Technical assistant


Roel Pouls was employed as technical assistant on 1 June 2010. He will be engaged in providing technical support to the various projects and equipping the business premises. Roel has plenty of past experience working in similar functions.

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