Analytical chemistry research

System for the direct analysis of substances in fatty and high molecular weight matrices

KAIN, finalized the development of a patent pending on-line GPC-GC technique with which substances can be analyzed easily in oily or difficult matrices. This resulted in a system that can be used for the analysis of unpurified sample extracts. Routine use of this technique will result in significant savings in analysis cost price and environmental pollution for laboratories. As of June 2013 dedicated systems including applications will become commercially available. Weiterlesen »

Histamine in fish - analytical solution

For a laboratory in Africa an "analytical solution" to determine Histamine in Fish was developed. The project was carried out in KAIN's own R&D laboratory in the Netherlands.

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Granting of Environment and Technology subsidy

On 26 July 2010 the NL Natural and Living Environment department of the Ministry of VROM (Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment) grants a subsidy for the KAIN project ‘Development of an environmentally friendly pre-processing instrument for analyses in complex matrices’. Weiterlesen »

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